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Copperwood Specialties (CWS) works along side architects, designers, builders and suppliers alike. We welcome challenging and intricate design detail. We are capable of utilizing varying building materials to acheive even the most complex design elements.

Our process is simple; We take time tested industry methods and cutting edge shop equipment, we couple this with an experienced work force and oversee the entire process with a dedicated and creative management team. From the submittal process to final sign-off, we strive for excellence in every step along the way. 



  • Cabinetry

  • On-site Built-in carpentry

  • Engineered and hardwoods

  • Integrated specialty metals

  • Integrated glazing & mirrors

  • Incorporated stone and masonry 

  • Milled wall & floor coverings

  • Reclaimed materials

  • Rustic & industrial materials

  • Integrated lighting, security, audio, visual

  • Shop drawings

  • Renderings

  • Mock-ups

  • Sample submittals

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